Cirrus clouds enjoyed their tryst in the stratosphere with a Rüppell’s vulture

Until the bird was forewarned of heights by a friendly blue jay in the troposphere

Unnerved, the vulture left the high skies

Only to choke for freedom and longing for an ascent to nirvana

A Mariana snailfish conquered…

In its nest lay a bird with a broken wing

Hearing stories of scenery from far beyond

Making a mental list and biding it’s time

Healed and returning to the skies with renewed strength

In the foggy mountains of the Cherokee

The bird was greeted by the purple dawn skies

Gathering a new thought with every step

As I walk through the rocky wilderness

Every abstraction about the future is a murmur

Like the gentle babbling brook in my path

The growth of the cluster weighing in my head

Is reflected as I stride along untrodden woods

The idea for…

If a wave ever stopped midway and crashed

Instead of hugging the shore to complete its tour

The ocean would never know the warmth of the sand

If a tree ever stopped bearing fruits under glorious sunlight

Fearing the burden of bitterness

The tree and a garden would have lost…

Sneering on the streets

Prejudice in the perceptions

Cacophony of callousness

Stuck like dust under the shoes

Engrossed in extravagance

Pulling through penury

Overlooking the ominous

The rise of dust under the shoes

Blurred by the breeze

Invaded by the invisible

Chaos beyond the class

Choked by dust under the shoes

Indignance of the ill-treated

Marching for the marginalized

Thrusting all to think

Fighting through the dust under the shoes

Entangled by all encumbrances

Battling for breath

Confronting limits of cognizance

Embracing the dust under the shoes

Success through solidarity

Freedom and fairness

Vanquishing the vain

Clearing the dust under the shoes

Crusading for a change

Dismantling societal disparities

Holding hands in harmony

Vigilant of the dust under the shoes

It has been years since I posted anything on Facebook, but today is very different. All of us boast of working with an organization that treats you like family, but I can confidently and proudly say that ‘I work with an organization which is family’. In the midst of a…

The utopia of my thoughts is a farce in the face of a dystopian future. The receding forest cover, rising sea levels, carcinogens in the air, blistering heat waves and barren lands has woken us from our 11th-hour consciousness. Even then, it does not seem to incentivize the common man…

There lay a feather of the long-tailed widowbird

Long and luscious black with silk barbs

From a plumage that was envy to the eye and touch

It was enthusiastic to travel the world

It fell into the lap of a fancy lassie

She adorned it in her sunhat to a…

Tired eyes steer straight through the tunnel of desolation

Accustomed to the darkness that stretched forever

The imprisonment in my head was interrupted

By a buzz which ringed in my ears

A tiny speck of light from the firefly whizzing around my head

Aroused a shimmer of hope that I…

Kusuma Buddhiraju

Spinning words to discuss anything under the sun.

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